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The long-awaited second model of GARUDAGEAR, a series well-received for achieving both its transformation mechanism and articulation, is finally here!

The new model features a wide array of newly sculpted parts including the head, chest, shoulders, outer forearms, feet, main wings, tail, nose, Blade Rifle, shield, and Twin Blades.
Additionally, numerous protruding clear parts are placed on the nose, shield, and wings, giving the model a rough, more villainous feel compared to the sleek, beautiful silhouette of SYSTEM01.
Inspired by tropes in robot anime of rival mecha, the primary color of the model is red and the clear parts are orange, which stands in stark contrast to the white of the first model.
Enjoy the freedom of poses possible thanks to the transforming frame shared with SYSTEM01 and its high articulation.
Each joint uses the robust 5mm connection joints/points for better stability as well as expanded compatibility with the M.S.G GIGANTIC ARMS and HEXA GEAR series, sold separately, for an even better experience.
The exterior features a plethora of hard points (3mm connection points), which can be concealed with detail covers when not in use to retain both the beauty and customizability of the model.
The Variable Frame system, with its exceptional freedom granted by a multitude of 3mm and 5mm connection joints, also makes for an excellent base for an original model.
Combine the model and/or frame with weapon units from our large selection to create a one and only transforming mecha!

Model Specifications:
■The model can be fully transformed from fighter mode to humanoid mode.
■The main wings can be moved to change from normal swept wings to forward-swept wings.
■The main body is made of a double-layered structure with the armor and frame and can be used as a highly articulated frame unit on its own.
■By connecting the included landing gear, a landing pose can be recreated.
■The joints of the main body frame are standard 5mm joints/points, compatible with separate series such as the M.S.G GIGANTIC ARMS series and HEXA GEAR series.
■The right forearm armor can be opened and closed to deploy a hidden gatling gun.
■The left arm is equipped with a newly sculpted shield. The small wings made of clear parts are articulated.
■The bottom of the jet nose can be opened and closed, from which the built-in machine gun can be deployed.
Attach the attack effect parts to the gunpoint to create scenes with the model in fighter mode, charging at enemies.
■The fighter mode and humanoid mode each have a connection point for the FLYING BASE NEO, allowing for dynamic poses in either form.

Included Items:
■Main Model ×1
■Blade Rifle ×1
■Twin Laser Blade ×1 Set
■Shield ×1
■Landing Gear ×3
■Attack Effect Parts

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LicenseModeling Support Goods
Release DateFebruary 2024

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The long-awaited second model of GARUDAGEAR, a series well-received for achieving both its transformation mechanism and articulation, is finally here!
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