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"A new character joins END OF HEROES, a new palm-sized and fully articulated plastic model series!!

This new plastic model kit series, END OF HEROES, comes in a 1/24 scale!
“Outsiders” that match perfectly with this devastated world come to life as plastic models small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Create a scene with these small-scaled and fully articulated characters right on the top of your desk!

The choice of characters for the lineup is made based on themes like horror, action, and sci-fi movies, featuring critical motifs such as zombies, bandits, and hunters.

Collect upcoming characters and create a movie studio right before your eyes!
That’s right, YOU are the director!

■ Investigation Report 3: ZOMBINOID WRETCHED GIRL
Her inhuman and bewitching limbs could be clearly seen even through the choking fumes.
Dressed in clothing that accentuates her body lines, her seemingly sad and fragile expression with a downcast figure tempts even virtuous people (like me) to betray their conscience and desire a passionate embrace that would lead to death.

These girls do not need to hunt for their prey. Their alluring red eyes unchanged by death—perhaps even enhanced by it—captivate foolish sacrifices who will literally offer themselves up to these girls...

The zombies that become their thralls are called Creepers, and their only thought—or rather instinct—seems to be to catch food for their masters. As their numbers increase at an accelerating rate, they eventually form an army of the dead known as a ""hive.""

The most common case of zombie attack is when victims unknowingly get surrounded by zombies hiding in blind spots behind buildings and obstacles and escape is futile.
Although the threat of a single zombie is low—even in dangerous areas as long as you stay vigilant (except for unique zombies)—the threat level increases dramatically when they gather and form groups.

WRETCHED GIRL seems to be the one who, during her lifetime, used her good looks to unite the downtown scoundrels and lead a group of outcasts. Her appearance has not only not diminished even after transforming into a zombie, but it seems as though the progression of her decomposition has stopped. Furthermore, there have been reports of unique zombies with the ability to even disguise themselves as the living.

In the future towards the latter half of the 21st century…
A world where civilization has fallen, law and order are no more, completely engulfed by flames and brimstone…

The dead rise from their graves and chaos reigns in this apocalyptic wasteland. The good & just have turned evil & sadistic, brave hunters to bloodthirsty wolves, and freakish creatures only heard in fairy tales now roam the land…

Model Specifications:
Although the model is only 72mm in height, the shape of the body has been designed to recreate a well-proportioned, curvy physique reminiscent of an actress in a movie. The silhouette was sculpted based on a design created by the illustrator Superlog!

The main body is sculpted with multiple zombie bite wounds and lacerations.
The wrist parts are PVC molded to recreate signs of rigor mortis.

In addition to the well-proportioned body, the main body includes 26 joints that can be used to recreate various movements and poses that can be seen in zombie movies.

WRETCHED GIRL comes with interchangeable optional parts for her arms and legs, which can be swapped to create your very own signature zombie.

Connecting the joint part on the back of the model with a separately sold MINI FLYING BASE will allow you to recreate zombie actions such as jumping and being blown away.

WRETCHED GIRL and FALLEN QUEEN both come with a dirt mound effect part, which can be connected with an arm unit removed from the main body to recreate a scene where the zombie thrusts their arm in the air to crawl out of the ground. The dirt mound effect part is also compatible with the arms of ZOMBINOID AGONY and BITER.

The main body consists of three colors. The hair is pre-painted on the head part allowing users to enjoy posing the zombie immediately after assembly.

Now, become a film director and shoot your own movie by directing the zombie's poses and deciding camera angles with your smartphone!

Included Items:
・Main Body ×1
・Optional Arm Part ×1
・Optional Leg Part ×1
・Dirt Mound Effect ×1
・Base Joint Part ×1"

More Information
Scale1/24 Scale
MaterialPVC (Phthalate-free)・ABS
LicenseEnd of Heroes
Release DateAugust 2023

Series content, product specifications, release dates and pricing are subject to change.


Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 18 years old. Products may be intended for Adult Collectors.

Some products can expose you to chemicals known to state of California to cause of birth defect or reproductive harm.

A new character joins END OF HEROES, a new palm-sized and fully articulated plastic model series!!
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