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"A collaboration between Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms Girl series and the stylish robot series MARUTTOYS!

Featuring a sporty color theme, this set product contains a NOSERU with newly-sculpted parts and FRAME ARMS GIRL INNOCENTIA in a racer style.

Model Specifications:
・Three types of pre-printed face parts are included (“yaeba” smile looking forward, default looking left, and smiling looking right).
・Interchangeable ""standard bangs"" and ""jointed bangs"" are included for the front of the hair. Users can select “standard short hair” or “twin tails” for the back hair parts.
・In addition, this kit includes a range of ears to choose from, including cat ears, mecha cat ears, mecha fox ears, two types of mecha dog ears, and mecha accessories.
・In addition to the included Frame Arms Girl Materia's leg and arm parts, bare arm and leg parts are included.
・Innocentia's neck ruffles can be equipped with or without armor.
・Two types of back parts are included (“three-hole mount type” and “one-hole mount type”).
・By combining the swinging movement of the waist joint and the sliding movement of the hip joint, a wide range of motion can be achieved, including sitting with knees bent.
・The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts in skin tone and dark gray (the parts are the same for each color).
The hand parts, including the joints, are compatible with the other hand parts within the Frame Arms Girl series.
・The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

■ NOSERU [Racing Specs Ver.]
・Newly-sculpted parts ""Handle Unit"" and ""Front Wheel Unit"" are added. The ""Handle Unit"" is made to be compatible with the standard ""Sensor Unit.""
・By deploying the ""Front Wheel Unit,"" NOSERU can achieve a more forward driving style.
・This model can transform from “Normal Mode” for running to “Work Mode” with the arm extended.
・This model is built with a complete inner frame from which all outer parts can be removed.
・In addition to FRAME ARMS GIRL INNOCENTIA [Racer], other models in 1/10 to 1/12 scale such as Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device can ride this model.
(Note that some items may not fit due to their design.)
・Four 3mm connection joints are included for customizing with other series such as M.S.G.
• The markings on each part are made with decals. Extra line and logo decals are also included.
*The decals for FRAME ARMS GIRL INNOCENTIA [Racer] and NOSERU [Racing Specs Ver.] are printed on the same base paper.

[What is Frame Arms Girl?]

Frame Arms Girl is a spin-off of Kotobukiya's original Frame Arms model kit series.

The Frame Arms Girl series combines the customizability of the plastic model kits with the aesthetics of our Ani*Statues. The kits come with multi-colored parts and face parts pre-printed with tampography, making them easy to assemble with no paint required. Equipped with the signature 3mm joints and PVC hands from the Frame Arms series, Frame Arms Girls can be used with a variety of parts from the M.S.G (Modeling Support Goods) and Frame Arms series.

All of the subsequent models will come with interchangeable heads, arms, and legs, allowing you to create your own customized Frame Arms Girl!

[What is MARUTTOYS?]

MARUTTOYS is a series of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno).

In the world of MARUTTOYS, robots developed by the high-tech company of the near future, ATARASY, are actively involved in various parts of human society.

Kotobukiya is collaborating with MARUTTOYS in bringing to life models such as the maintenance robot “TAMOTU” and mobility robot “NOSERU” as plastic model kits.


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LicenseFrame Arms Girl
Release DateOctober 2022

Series content, product specifications, release dates and pricing are subject to change.


Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 18 years old. Products may be intended for Adult Collectors.

Some products can expose you to chemicals known to state of California to cause of birth defect or reproductive harm.

"A collaboration between Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms Girl series and the stylish robot series MARUTTOYS!
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